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      On August 25th, a 3-member delegation led by Mr. Feng Wenliang, Chairman of the Thailand General Chamber of Commerce of Shandong , visited Weihai Vocational College.

      The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Cheng Xiaojun, Deputy Director of United Front Work Department of CPC Weihai Municipal Committee and Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Weihai Municipal People’s Government. President of the college, Mr. Li Yaohua, and Vice Presidents Mr. Sun Sijiong and Mr. Qu Guidong attended the reception.

      Mr. Qu Guidong, Vice President of the college, showed the visitors around the campus, including the Outward-bound Base, the Building of Art and Design Department, the Building of Transportation Engineering Department, the Coaching Building, Zaochang Coffee Bar, Nongme Lane and the Social Training Center. The visitors think highly of the schooling concepts of the college and the results it has achieved.

    During the talk, President Li introduced Chinas national policies on vocational education, the positioning of the college, the international exchange and social training performed by the college while Mr. Feng Wenliang gave a talk about the work on communication between Shandong and Thailand carried out by the Chamber and the investments in Thailand made by enterprises of Shandong.

After that, based on the founding of the Sino-Thailand International College of Culture and Tourism and the Overseas Teacher Training Center of Weihai Vocational College, both parties discussed the issues on carrying out work efficiently and establishing Luban Workshop in Thailand.

Thailand General Chamber of Commerce of Shandong, an association legally approved and registered by Thailand Ministry of Commerce, was founded in December of 2014. It mainly comprises merchants and large enterprises of Shandong that have made investments in Thailand in the past decades, such as Haier Group, Shandong Energy Group and SITC Group. It is the only Chinese association set up in Thailand by Shandong with its members engaged in a wide range of sectors, from catering service, real estate, investment, lawyers to trade.


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