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Haida Navigation Technical Collegeis jointly run by Weihai Vocational College and Weihai Sheng 'an Marine co.LTD. It is a second-level college of mixed ownership that undertakes educational background and training of seafarers.Weihai Vocational College is a full-time public vocational school of higher learning. It is one of the first batch of 28 "National Demonstration Vocational Colleges" and a national demonstration base for training high-skilled personnel.The college offers 65 higher vocational education majors to meet the needs of local industries. Weihai Sheng'an Shipping co.LTD., which is the organizer of the enterprise, has the qualification of assigning sailors abroad issued by the maritime administration. It has sent a large number of qualified seafarers to large and medium-sized shipping enterprises over the years, and has accumulated rich experience.

Teaching building hall       Student restaurant           student apartment

Weihai municipal party secretary Sun Shutao, deputy secretary Huo Gaoyuan inspected Haida College

College leaders participate in the cruise conference

Relying on the seafarers' overseas assignment qualification of Weihai Shengan Marine Transportation co., LTD., the enterprise organizer, Haida College provides students with a one-stop service of training, certification, internship, employment and placement. Especially in the training and placement of international cruise ship crew and oil and chemical crew, we communicate and negotiate with world-renowned cruise companies and oil and chemical transportation enterprises, forming a number of cooperation fields and becoming the northern talent training base for these companies, which fully reflects the advantages of school-enterprise cooperation.

Haida College with Nautical Technology , Engineering Technology and International Cruise Passenger Management ---- three university-enterprise cooperation of higher vocational majors, also provides society with the dutysailors training , duty motormen training, passenger ship special training, basic training on cargo handling of oil tanker and chemical tanker, advanced training on tanker cargo handling, advanced training on chemical cargo handling, training of on-board catering service personnel (cooks) and other crew training service.

The college implements semi-militarized management for students, cultivates students' sailing concept, strengthens the sense of teamwork and obedience, develops the habit of strict discipline and consistent step, strengthens the executive ability, and lays a good ideological and behavioral foundation for the future career.

Navigation Technical

Professional training objectives

Marine technology is listed as one of the 80 major majors in the transportation industry by the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China. It trains senior sailors in the unlimited navigation area who meet the standards of the stcw78/95 convention and the rules of the People's Republic of China for the competency examination, assessment and certification of seafarers with good working attitude, practical skills, language communication and other basic qualities.

Navigation simulator training room

Bridge operation training                       Oar training

Engineering Technology

Professional training objectives

Engineering Technology is listed as one of the 80 major majors in the transportation industry by the ministry of education of the People's Republic of China. It trains electrical and mechanical engineers in charge of all mechanical and electrical equipment and power plants of ships,meeting the standards of the stcw78/95 convention and the rules of the People's Republic of China for the competency examination, assessment and certification of seafarers with good working attitude, practical skills, language communication and other basic qualities.

Engineering simulator training room         Engine centralized control training room

Marine technology and Marine engineering technology professional employment advantages and benefits

1.Rapid promotion and high salary standard. The salary of the third officer and third engineer is more than $1,500, and the salary of the captain and chief engineer is more than $6,500.Free food and lodgingduring work, free transportation on and off the ship.

2. Short crew supplyand guaranteedemployment . According to statistics, from 2010 to 2016, the annual job demand of more than 10,000 people, the two majors are very short of crew, and the consecutive years of graduate employment rate reached 100%.

3Plenty career space. In addition to being employed in ships affiliated to major shipping enterprises, they may engage in management work in maritime safety administration, port and shipping bureau, large shipping enterprises and ship management companies, with higher remuneration than other majors.

4Our college is the fixed talent base for the dozens of shipping enterprise's . Graduates can choose to work for domestic and international big companies ,likeCOSCO shipping group, WALLEM & COMPANYLIMITED in Hong Kong,Shih Wei Navigation Co.Led in Taiwan, IMC Group in Singapore,APLMAERSKOCEAN TANKERS and like.

Bridge navigation watch                          Cruises classrooms in campus

Ship model hall                       Assembling at the dock for embarking on a study tour

International Cruise Passenger Management

International quality star salary brilliant future

In recent years, China's cruise tourism market has been developing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of about 40%. International high-end cruise lines are rushing to China. Experts predict that in the next 20 years, China's demand for all kinds of cruise ships will reach more than 100, becoming the world's second largest cruise tourism market after the United States.

Currently, there is a shortage of international cruise crew , while the Chinese cruise market is just opening up. Our international cruise crew management program will provide more professional, leading and creative education. At present, our college has established long-term stable cooperation with Genting Group’sDream Star , COSTA , Norwegian cruise lines and other international famous companies, and successfully organized on-site interviews in our college, which has opened up a career path to the world for young students willing to engage in sea cruises.

Cruise interview                            We are at Dalian Port

Training bar on campus                      Dinner table competition

Cooperatio discussion with Genting Group’s    Cooperate discussion with COSTA chief director

Stardream (Hong Kong) chief director

Employment advantages and development prospects

1.Comfortable working environment. The service facilities of world-class luxury cruise ships are equipped to the standard of five-star hotels and above. The working environment is elegant and you have access to high-quality people.

2.Free travel around the world. Most of the ports that cruise ships call at are world-renowned coastal cities. After work, they can visit the land and shopping.

3The high salary. The salary is easily over ten thousand yuan and the welfare package is generous.

4Gild your life. Cruise ship is regarded as one of the sunrise industries in the 21st century. Due to the shortage of cruise stewards in China, if you choose to work on land after returning from cruises, star hotels will provide a higher position and salary, and you will have no worries about employment.

5Excellent language environment. Being in a pure English environment can quickly improve your English proficiency. In an era when foreign companies are increasingly relying on English in China, fluent English will increase your chances for career promotion.

6Accumulation of contacts---Working with the staff from all over the world, making foreign friends, improving life experience, tasting the multicultural.

Cruise recreation area

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