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On October 10, led by Ms. Jung Chun-ja, the headmaster of Seoul Junggye Primary School and Ms.Gong Im-sook, the supervisor of Seoul Bukbu District Office of Education, an 11-member delegation of Korean primary school teachers came to Weihai for a 3-day tour. The program, initiated by Weihai Vocational College and implemented by International School of the College, aims to enhance and widen the cooperation between China and Korea.

In view of the characteristics and trends of international education in Weihai, International School selected 3 local schools for the delegation’s visit:Yongin Korean School in Weihai, Weihai No. 2 Experimental Primary School and Weihai Chengli Junior Middle School. As a representative of higher vocational education in Weihai as well as in China, Weihai Vocational Collegewas also included as part of the tour.

At Weihai No.2 Experimental Primary School, the host arranged two classes given by Chinese teachers and another two classes by Korean teachers. Both the English class and calligraphy class by the host and the traditional games and quality development classes by the guests have demonstrated the exploration and achievements in primary education by both parities. During the visit, both the host and guests had an in-depth exchange of opinions on teaching characteristics and modes in various stages of education in the international environment.

During the tour, the delegation also went to two major tourist attractions in Weihai: Huancuilou Park and Fahua Temple in Chishan. The Korean teachers of International School,Weihai Vocational College rendered the reception and interpretation service for the delegates. Mr. Ham Hye-sung, section chief of Seoul Bukbu District Office of Education wrote to acknowledge their help and support.

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