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On June 24, International School of Weihai Vocational College and Office of International Affairs of Suwon University, Korea joined a video link on international exchange and cooperation. On the USW side, Mr. Gwangsoo Choi, Dean of the Office, and Mr. Soo-Dong Kim, Dean of Korean Language and Culture Institute and other staff in charge of Overseas Students Assistance Center attended the video conference. On the side of Weihai Vocational College, attendees of the online communication included Ms. Sun Aijuan, Dean of International School, Ms. Guan Shuzhen, and Ms. Sun Hang, Vice Dean of the School, and Mr. Jin-Bum Kim, an exchange Korean civil servant in Weihai Vocational College.


Ms. Sun first made a brief introduction to the scale of school running, the specialties, the teachers allocation, the training mode of talents and the teaching conditions of Weihai Vocational College and then focused on foreign exchanges, especially exchanges with South Korea. In recent years, the College has taken good advantage of our unique geographical location with South Korea and deepened the cooperation with the country and established friendly relationship successively with 15 Korean universities. Fruitful exchanges and cooperation have been carried out with Korean universities on several fields such as teacher and student exchanges, professional cooperation and joint scientific research. Mr. Choi, Dean of the Office of International Affairs of USW, thinks highly of the proposal of the video conference. He remarked that during the hardship of combating the pandemic, the College’s practice of ongoing online learning and teaching despite school suspension, ongoing connection in international exchange despite suspended visits, is worth learning to Suwon University. Mr. Choi said that he had visited China several times and been to Weihai which was very impressive to him. He had been looking forward to the online video communication. After making an introduction to Suwon University, he hoped that the students and teachers of the College would further their study in the University. In terms of the vast room in joint professional construction and industry-university-research collaboration between the two parties, he would work closely with the staff in the Office to enhance the cooperation and exchange between the two parties.



   Little screens convey great friendship. The video conference has been the fourth online exchange activity carried out by International School. Footprints become clearer on muddy road. May the exchange campfire chase away the chill caused by the pandemic and may the cooperation force lighten up the road ahead.

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