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With a view to acquire an understanding of the present situation and express regards to the pandemic fighting of the counterpart colleges or universities, to share the experience in combating the pandemic and to call upon college students to participate actively in local epidemic prevention and control, on May 29, the first round of Shared Online Connection on Prevention and Control of School Epidemic in SCO countries was successfully held, which was sponsored by the Union of Vocational Education of SCO member states, and undertaken by Weihai Vocational College. 7 Institutions of Higher Learning from 6 countries from the SCO and the Belt and Road attended the shared connection.

The online connection was chaired by Mr. Li Yaohua, President of Weihai Vocational College. The online connection started at 11 a.m. Within more than 6 hours, Mr. Li had a friendly online-video conversation successively with the Presidents from 6 universities or colleges such as Pacific National University, Russia, Astana IT University, Kazakhstan, Krirk University of Thailand. They exchanged ideas on on-campus covid-19 pandemic prevention and control and online teaching during the pandemic period and reached a broad consensus on inter-school communication and cooperation in the future.

Speaking highly of the online connection, the 6 Presidents  regarded it as a timely and necessary exchange and cooperation under the present circumstance and hoped that both parties can realize win-win cooperation and common development. Mr. Sergey N. Ivanchenko, President of Pacific National University, Russia, and Mr. Krasae Chanawongse, President of krirk University of Thailand hoped that they would visit Weihai after the pandemic was halted.

The Union of Vocational Education of SCO member states was established during the 1st  SCO Countries Vocational Skills Contest in November 2019 and a series of activities have been carried out. After the breakout of the pandemic, the relevant universities and colleges hoped to share the experiences on the prevention and control of the pandemic. As the secretary-general, Weihai Vocational college organized the online connection at the request of the union members.

Mr. Li said that “in recent years, Weihai Vocational College has embarked on a new road on international exchange and cooperation through earnest exploration and bold practices. After the start of the new year, as the pandemic spread worldwide, great impact was caused on teaching and life. Under such circumstance, the online connection at the request of the Union members will enable us to understand the situation of other colleges and universities, express greeting and regards and learn the experience on online teaching and student management carried out under the pandemic. Meanwhile, we would share via video the drill on pandemic prevention and control carried out by the students and teachers of Weihai Vocational College.”

During the online video conversation, Weihai Vocational college issued to the Union an appeal of Joining Hands to Fight Against the Pandemic and Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind. The initiative called upon youth in different countries to take part in the local pandemic prevention and control provided that they take good care of themselves, thus making due contribution to combating the pandemic. It was proposed that colleges and universities make good use of modern information technology and push ahead the practice of suspended class, ongoing learning, promote the implementation of joint programs and facilitate the interaction between students and teachers. The online connection received positive response and support among the participants.

The online video connection with 6 foreign institutions of higher learning has established a cloud conference model for domestic and foreign institutions and turned out to be efficient and productive. Through the online connection, Mr. Li communicated with his counterparts on the ongoing exchange and cooperation programs and a good foundation was laid on future offline visits to push ahead the current cooperation programs. It is believed that with the support from the SCO Secretariat, the inter-school exchange among SCO member states will become more frequent and productive.

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