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After the access to 30 million RMB of provincial financial supporting funds for National high-quality schools, high-quality and high-level specialty group construction projects in 2019, Weihai Vocational College has gained 35 million RMB of Special supporting funds of the Central Government for Double High-quality Initiative construction, 120 million RMB of Special supporting funds of provincial finance and 4 million RMB of Provincial Financial Grant funding for SCO countries Vocational Skills Contest. Till now, the total special funding we have received over the last two years has amounted to 0.2 billion RMB.

As requested, the construction funding for the Double High-quality Initiative will be allocated on a yearly basis according to the annual assessment and under the circumstance that local support and self-financing is assured to be in place and the construction is completed on schedule. The Central government funding for Double High-quality Initiative construction will be allocated on a 7 million RMB annual basis for a period of 5 years, while Provincial funding will be paid out within 4 years—30 million RMB annually.

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