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优德88电脑版官网-优德88注册-优德88官方网站 is one of the signiant construction departments of the college. There are 56 teaching staff, 9 of whom are External full-time teachers. There are 19 full-time teachers with senior titles, 21 with middletitles, 19 with master's degrees, and 43 with Dual Professional title. Meanwhile, it also invited 15 experts from the shipbuilding industry to form asteering committee for professional construction. To realize the dream of a Strong Marine Country, our whole department has been working hard and  struggling for years. The development of the whole department has received great attention from the state, the provincial and municipal governments, and has been strongly supported by enterprises in various industries. Our department advocates teaching research and scientific research, and encourages teachers to engage in teaching and researching work, and achieved good results. 优德88电脑版官网-优德88注册-优德88官方网站 signed School-enterprise Cooperation Agreements with more than 40 large , medium-sized and famous enterprises in our country, such as the AVIC Weihai shipyard Co. Ltd., the Yellow Sea Shipbuilding Co. Ltd.,Weihai three Shipbuilding Co. Ltd., Samsung Heavy Industries (Weihai) Co. Ltd., China PLA 4808th factory in Weihai shipyard and CIMC offshore Co., and trained high-skilled talents with those companies together. It adheres to the service concept based on Weihai, serving Shandong and radiating the whole country. We should train high-end and applied talents who can meet the requirements of modern transportation industry and meet the needs of the development of  transportation industry.

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